Youth Agency Mental Health Consultation

By offering free, onsite consultation, we help organizations and staff help at-risk youth. Youth Agency Mental Health Consultation partners with San Francisco agencies increasing their capacity to effectively serve at-risk youth by maximizing organizational strengths and staff potential.

Program Services:


I. Intake: YAMHC team meets with leadership staff to understand the agency and their needs and to clarify next steps.

II. Planning: The consultant works with staff to evaluate agency strengths and vulnerabilities through observation, inquiry, and the administration of a questionnaire. The consultant shares the findings with staff and facilitates a process of prioritizing goals and planning for interventions.

III. Intervention: Interventions are implemented as planned. Please refer to the Intervention Menu...

IV. Transition: Once goals are achieved and staff are prepared to maintain gains independently, the consultant will transition out.



  • Is a psychotherapist with extensive experience working in nonprofits serving at-risk youth.
  • Is a collaborative partner who works onsite with an agency, incorporating multiple perspectives to develop a comprehensive understanding of organizational challenges.
  • Utilizes mental health expertise and the knowledge of staff within the organization to facilitate a sustainable change process, resulting in improved services to agency clients.


The consultant works onsite at the location of the client organization.

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Who It Helps

Agencies who serve youth (ages 12-24) in San Francisco and do not provide psychotherapy with masters-level staff are eligible for consultation services. The systemic approach of the consultation process serves to impact change within the organization, amongst staff, and with youth.

“Mission Neighborhood Centers, Inc. has benefited tremendously from the YAMHC partnership and this has been an extremely valuable experience for the organization and our community. We appreciate the in-depth assessment process which facilitated an inventory of our strengths and challenges to develop meaningful priorities. This has been an agency driven process which resulted in a tailored approach that was responsive to our needs. Our collaborative work provided a framework in which to learn and grow internally. Our dynamic consultation team of highly committed and experienced practitioners has provided concrete supports in our work with the most high risk youth and families. Together we are creating supportive systems and instilling skills in staff that will foster high quality effective services well into the future.”
Gloria Romero, Youth Services Director Mission Neighborhood Centers, Inc.

partners and funders

This program is funded by Mental Health Services Act (MHSA). 

Our partners are Huckleberry Youth Programs and Larkin Street Youth Services.

key facts

Respondents provided the following ratings for the consultation service:

  • 100% of respondents are somewhat satisfied or better.
  • 100% of respondents are very satisfied or better with the effectiveness of reaching identified goals through individual coaching sessions.
  • 78% of respondents are very satisfied or better with the effectiveness of reaching identified goals through workgroups.
  • 88% of respondents are very satisfied or better with the effectiveness of addressing identified needs through site-specific trainings.
  • 100% of respondents are very satisfied or better with their effectiveness working with youth.
  • The average rating for site-specific training effectiveness is 5 out of 5 (extremely satisfied).


Respondents provided the following ratings for trainings (aggregated across these 9 training events):

  • 100% of respondents provided an overall evaluation of good or better across all trainings. 
  • 96% of respondents rated the trainings as good or better in improving and or developing job related skills. 


contact us

Londa Overbeck, LCSW
Program Manager/Mental Health Consultant
917.763.8750; 415.498.0563