School-Based Behavioral Health Services

Edgewood has provided early intervention and prevention, mental and behavioral health, and capacity-building services in San Francisco’s public (and some private) schools since 1986. Over the years, we have been one of the largest CBO (Community Based Organization) providers of school-based services in the city, offering a continuum of support to students, families, and staff in over 40 SFUSD schools. With a staff highly trained in working with students in need of additional social, emotional, and behavioral support, Edgewood provides valuable assistance to its partner schools.

To find out more about our school-based services, please contact:

Jonathan Weinstock, Program Manager

Robin Acker, Director of Behavioral Health Services

Erika Jennings, Behavioral Health Director, San Mateo School-Based Mental Health & San Mateo Child and Family Treatment Collaborative

Parents & Guardians: Please note that these school-based services can only be accessed through the school itself, if it is already partnering with Edgewood to provide on-site support. Please contact us or your child’s school to find out if any services are currently being offered.

PIP (Primary Intervention Program)

Supports students in grades K-3 who are dealing with mild to moderate school-adjustment issues to be better able to adapt to and thrive in their school environment..


Behavior Coaching

Supports students (and their teachers) with moderate to higher-level behavioral needs.


School Climate Consultation

Supports teachers in more effective intervention with behavior challenges in the classroom and school-wide.