Kinship Caregiver and Youth Support

Family members often step up to fill the gap when crisis, substance abuse, mental illness, incarceration, economic hardship, divorce, domestic violence, or other challenges take parents from a child. These courageous "kinship caregivers" can get the help they need through the Edgewood Kinship Support Services Network (Edgewood Kinship). 

Edgewood believes that children should first be supported in the homes of relatives and remain in their communities. Although research shows it is better for the child and it is a less expensive alternative to traditional foster care, up until 1993 few resources were available for kinship caregivers when Edgewood Kinship was ceated.

Edgewood Kinship was the first program of its kind. For almost 20 years, our innovative program has provided information, referrals and personal support to relative caregivers. Then, it was the first program of its kind. Today, Edgewood serves counties throughout California and provides a model for similiar programs nationwide.

Relative caregivers often have special needs linked to age, poverty, poor health, social isolation, and inadequate access to information and services. Edgewood Kinship addresses the unique needs of each caregiver and child by providing referrals to basic services, support from others who’ve “been there,” and a break from daily stresses. It’s a formula that works for caregivers and their children.


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California Kinship Support Services

As the sole provider of technical assistance for California Kinship Support Services sites, Edgewood trains and consults with the 19 California counties running state-contracted kinship programs to educate on best practices and to improve existing and to develop new services. more...

Edgewood Kinship San Francisco

Edgewood offers a variety of services to relative caregivers and their children living in San Francisco. more...

Edgewood Kinship San Mateo

Edgewood offers a variety of services to relative caregivers and their children living in San Mateo. more...


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