Hospital Diversion Program

Edgewood's Hospital Diversion program offers a residentially-based alternative to psychiatric hospital care, shelter care, or under-resourced temporary placements for children ages 6 to 17 years old. The program's goal is to rapidly assess a young person's symptoms and situation, while quickly initiating interventions to enable them to return home safely. Parents and caregivers play an integral role in both the evaluation and treatment process. The typical length of stay in Hospital Diversion is ten to twelve days.

Our program serves youth and their families who are experiencing acute stress, due to emotional, behavioral, social, and/or family problems. We know the path to wellbeing is unique for every child and family. Thus, we begin the process by having our clients participate in an intensive, targeted assessment in order to understand their immediate needs. As additional information is uncovered, it is incorporated into the overall evaluation and intervention recommendations are made as needed.

The path to wellbeing is unique for every child. Our program is designed to assess and support the full range of a youth and family's needs. We begin the process by having the youth and family participate in an intensive interdisciplinary assessment in order to provide an enriched understanding of their needs.

Edgewood's treatment team is a multidisciplinary group which includes a child psychiatrist, a mental health clinician, registered nurse, special education teacher, residential counselors, and other specialists working in partnership with the youth and family. Referring clinicians and primary care physicians who continue to be involved in the treatment are included as well. Discharge planning begins at intake, and youth return to their home environment with a coordinated and family-focused treatment plan.

program services

All treatment takes place in a dedicated, highly-structured milieu that maintains at least a 1:4 (or when required 1:1) staff to youth ratio.

Our program's treatment model focuses on imminent safety planning, crisis stabilization and problem solving to ensure that youth and families can successfully manage the situation that led up to admission. Parents and youth are provided with opportunities to incorporate new skills to succeed in functioning in their community. All assessments and interventions are anchored in a family-centered and culturally-competent approach that engages with youth, caretakers and partners on all aspects of treatment and discharge planning.

Hospital Diversion modalities include:

  • Assessment, crisis stabilization and intensive interventions (10-12 days);
  • On-site child psychiatry and nursing services;
  • Intensive individual, group, and family psychotherapy;
  • Individualized client/family-centered treatment planning;
  • Therapeutic classroom which integrates flexible academic study with therapeutic interventions;
  • Clinical case management to coordinate services with schools, primary care physicians, outside therapists, and other community providers;
  • Skills building and therapeutic groups throughout the treatment day and evenings;
  • Linkages to community supports and services;
  • Parent support groups.


Who It Helps

Troubled children and youth between the ages of 6–17 may be referred to Edgewood's Hospital Diversion program.

Participants in the program exhibit a great range and multiplicity of problem behaviors threatening their health and safety. This may include youth who suffer from severe emotional disturbances which are interfering with their ability to maintain safety in their community. Often these are children and adolescents who may be experiencing acute symptoms related to mental illness, trauma, extreme conflicts with family, and/or significant behavioral and developmental difficulties.

Our program is designed to assess and stabilize a broad range of youth and family challenges including high-risk behavioral and emotional issues resulting in aggressive and/or self-harming behavior.
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partners and funders

Referrals for Edgewood's Hospital Diversion program come from all over California. We accept all major insurance plans. If we are not currently a credentialed program/facility with your health plan, we can negotiate an agreement for your specific situation. We can also accommodate self-payment plans.

We are currently a contacted program/facility with:

Aetna Behavioral Health
Anthem/Blue Cross
Cigna Behavioral Health
Healthnet/Managed Health Network
Kaiser Permanente

Please contact our Intake Team at 415.682.3172 or for more information about insurance and payment options.

key facts

  • 86% of clients admitted returned to either the same or a lower level of care than they had been in prior to admission;
  • 85% of youth met their primary goals at the time of discharge.

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