Encouraging Family Involvement

Edgewood puts family at the heart of every program. It is no less important for children and youth in Intensive Services. That's why the Edgewood's intensive programs offer many opportunities for parents to become involved in their child's care: 

Guiding Value:  Family voice and choice

Family and youth/child perspectives are intentionally elicited and prioritized during all phases of care at Edgewood.

Planning is grounded in family members' perspectives, and the Care Team strives to provide options and choices such that the plan reflects family values and preferences.

A major goal for each child/youth is to engage an identified "family" (whether or not it's the immediate biological family), and foster that family's ability to actively carry out the central care and support role for the child.

The Care Team

A child/youth's Care Team is a gathering of people from the family, as well as friendship and support circles, and professional service providers, as a team to develop an overarching framework for the care that Edgewood provides.  This team will also meet at least quarterly to assess progress toward, and update, care goals.

Overarching Care Goals

Care Team meetings are structured so that ALL perspectives- even ones that might conflict- are factored in to the group's decisions.  Organizational development approaches are used in the service of creating plans that include the wisdom of all perspectives on the team. 

Overarching care goals (sometimes referred to as "long-term goals") established by a care team represent what the Care Team would like to see accomplished as a result of the care provided by Edgewood.  The process of determining these goals in the context of the care team helps clarify the purpose of specific services, as well as the things family is doing to make their home life safe, healthy and happy.  From intake forward, these goals represent, in effect, a discharge plan. 

Care Goals are then integrated into IEP goals in order to create a seamless care planning process.