San Mateo Child and Family Treatment Collaborative


Edgewood San Mateo Child and Family Treatment Collaborative helps children, youth and their families overcome the effects of trauma and neglect. We work very closely with our partners to ensure collaboration and safety for children. We keep families together whenever safe to do so, and support the children in their current placement whether it be with their family, relative, foster care or group home (lowest level of care).  Edgewood San Mateo Child and Family Treatment Collaborative has been highly successful in stopping the cycle of abuse in families.

We also refer to other Edgewood programs such as Kinship, Therapeutic Behavioral Services and Turning Point, and Drop-In Centers if any of these programs are deemed more appropriate for youth.

program services

  • Therapeutic Mental Health
    Edgewood provides mental health services aimed at reducing the re-incidence of child neglect and abuse by helping clients and their caregivers nurture and develop skills necessary to live and function in a healthy environment. We use proven techniques like Trauma-Focused CBT and Brief Strategic & Structural Family Therapy techniques, as well as other evidenced-based treatment models.
  • Case Management
    In addition to family, collateral, group, and individual psychotherapy, clinicians on the team provide extensive case management to support our clients and families. We work closely with Social Workers, County Mental Health and other community providers to insure that our clients’ needs are served.
  • Medication Support
    We offer psychiatric evaluation and ongoing medication support services through our staff psychiatrist to youth in the Collaborative program.
  • Family Conferencing
    Similar to all Edgewood programs, we keep family at the heart of our work. In addition, we utilize Edgewood’s Family Conferencing model, in our efforts to keep family at the center of our collaborative work with youth, families and outside providers.
  • Bilingual Services
    Our clinical team consists of several bilingual therapists, and we strive to maintain highest standards of cultural sensitivity and competency. Services are offered in English and Spanish. Interpretation services are also provided, on as needed basis.


We engage clients in their homes, in the community, and at our various sites in San Mateo County. Each client is assessed to ascertain their individual needs and are met in an environment that best meets their needs of safety.

The location of Edgewood sites offering this program are:

Edgewood San Mateo
957 Industrial Road, Suite B
San Carlos, CA 94070

Edgewood South San Francisco
1475 Huntington Avenue, Suite 150
South San Francisco, CA 94080

Who It Helps

Families with children and youth (6-18) who are referred to the program by Children and Family Services of San Mateo County Human Services Agency.

partners and funders

  • Children and Family Services of San Mateo County Human Services Agency
  • San Mateo County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services
  • Youth and Family Enrichment Services

key facts

  • 95% of youth will not have a re-incidence or be re-referred after 6 months of services.

contact us

Erika Jennings, LMFT
Behavioral Health Director – San Mateo School Based Mental Health Services, San Mateo Child and Family Treatment Collaborative