Crisis Stabilization Unit

Edgewood's Crisis Stabilization Unit 


The Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) opened in 2014 and provides youth and families a safe, structured, child-friendly and family supportive environment. The CSU was created in conjunction with the San Francisco Department of Public Health to evaluate and triage children and youth (ages 6-17) who are experiencing a psychiatric crisis.

Why is the CSU Program Necessary?

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for teens in the U.S. Twenty-six percent of San Francisco students reported feeling sad or hopeless almost every day for two or more weeks, while 13 percent said they had "seriously considered" attempting suicide. Nine percent reported at least one attempt in that time period. These statistics represent children from all socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds.

Currently, most children in crisis situations are brought to Adult Emergency Departments or other emergency facilities not prepared to manage children experiencing a non-medical, emotional crisis.

Edgewood's trained staff specializes in serving children and families and is a natural fit to offer more child-focused evaluation and intervention in a family-friendly setting.

About the CSU

The Crisis Stabilization Unit is designed to assess and stabilize youth who are experiencing acute psychiatric symptoms. The CSU team, in conjunction with the family, determines the most appropriate disposition and facilitates discharge and safety planning.

In addition, the CSU is also a receiving center for youth already placed on a psychiatric hold for further assessment and stabilization, as well as coordination of hospitalization when indicated. 

The CSU has become a critical service for the children, youth, and families of San Francisco.

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In 2015, Edgewood Center for Children and Families earned the Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval for Behavioral Health Care Accreditation.


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  • Comprehensive psychiatric evaluation and risk assessment
  • Medical screening
  • Collaborative treatment planning with an individualized, strength-based focus
  • Crisis stabilization and prevention
  • Discharge planning including linkage with community supports and services
  • Coping skills building and safety planning
  • Parent and guardian support and education

Who is Served 

Youth who are experiencing a psychiatric crisis in the city and county of San Francisco and who need immediate crisis evaluation and stabilization services.

The CSU also supports youth who are in need of a multidisciplinary assessment and planned overnight stabilization in an effort to prevent a psychiatric crisis.

Our Staff 

The CSU is a multidisciplinary team that includes a medical director, psychiatric nurse practitioners, nurses, clinicians, counselors, and a family peer partner.

Nursing and clinical care are provided 24/7.


For more information, please contact us!

(415) 682-3278

(415) 970-3800

(415) 682-3278

Referrals are accepted 24/7 by phone or on site in partnership with Comprehensive Child Crisis and the San Francisco Police Department. 


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