Edgewood WrapAround San Francisco

Edgewood WrapAround is founded on the 10 principles of wraparound and provides unconditional care that is family-centered, individualized, culturally-competent, and strength-based.

Edgewood WrapAround is a team-based process, aimed at helping youth and their families in San Francisco County Child Welfare, Probation, and Mental Health systems transition from group care to a family-like setting or at-risk of group home care. Families are referred to Edgewood by child welfare workers, AAP workers, probation officers, and mental health workers.

For each family in WrapAround, a team is developed that includes formal and informal supports identified by the family. The hope is to have more “natural supports” than paid workers. Edgewood WrapAround discovers what each family’s goals and concerns are; then services are designed in a creative and flexible manner to meet these needs. Edgewood WrapAround is able to support children and families who need assistance with issues related to mental health, substance abuse, or co-occurring disorders.

The Wraparound approach focuses on supporting children by enhancing natural resources within their families and communities so that they can live in the least restrictive, most family-like setting possible. Permanency and connectedness are the ultimate goals.


As each child and family is unique, Edgewood WrapAround prides itself on creating individually tailored programs that fit the specific needs of those we serve.

The development of the plan for the family occurs in regularly scheduled Child and Family Team meetings which are a collaborative effort among the Edgewood WrapAround team, the County, the family, and their support network.

These meetings focus on creating and maintaining a family mission, identifying the strengths and needs of the family, and creating goals that the members of the team can achieve to support the family.


Who It Helps

All referrals for WrapAround services are managed through a collaborative process including Edgewood, Seneca, CBHS, HSA and SF Probation. Eligible youth are presented in the weekly MAST team meeting and will be immediately accepted and served by Edgewood. All youth who are stepping down from group home or residential care and youth who are at risk of a higher level of care are eligible for these services. Once assigned to the program, youth and families will be voluntarily enrolled in the program by WrapAround staff. Initial enrollment in the program focuses on the engagement process. Once engagement is established, a Life Domain assessment and Safety Plan become the first steps of care planning. A full Care Team is developed and a WrapAround planning process begins with the focus remaining on youth and family permanency. All Wrap planning will be conducted in close collaboration with families, natural supports and existing system involvement. 

partners and funders

Seneca, City and County of San Francisco.

key facts

•  "Permanency" is a term describing a young person's connection to lifelong, unconditional, committed relationships, and supports. It can be: physical, relational, or legal.

•  "Connectedness" is a term describing relational permanency.

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Dr. Natalia Estassi
Director of Integrated Wrap Services/Hosp. Diversion