A Salute to Our Donors

February 12, 2016

As we celebrate our 165th anniversary this year, we want to take a moment to thank all of our supporters like Wendy McCall, who through their simple acts of kindness and compassion, community involvement, and philanthropy, help Edgewood make a huge difference for thousands of children and families in need in the Bay Area each year.

Q: How and when did you learn about Edgewood Center for Children and Families?

I first learned about Edgewood when I volunteered for a Saturday morning event on Edgewood's campus in conjunction with other UC Berkeley students. We fixed breakfast with the kids, played games, and I helped them with homework.  I was impressed by the beautiful campus, great support for the kids, and by the passion of the Edgewood volunteers.

Q: How have you been involved with Edgewood (volunteering, attended events, etc.)?

Other than serving Saturday breakfast, I've helped serve food at Thanksgiving, helped raise money for Edgewood from my company, and donated to Edgewood. I've also attended several fundraising and planning events.

Q: What inspires you to support Edgewood?

We have so little social safety net for families and children in America. Organizations like Edgewood provide the financial, logistics, and personal support that kids and families need. Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes, and Edgewood helps so many local families stay together or provides support for struggling kids.  

Q: How would you best describe Edgewood?

It's a community of caring people - volunteers, donors, and staff - that support the growth and development of families.

There are many ways you can support Edgewood including: volunteering, in-kind donations, participating at an Edgewood event, and financial support.

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