Finding Your Place in the Real World

September 27, 2016

Youth lands on his feet to start the career of his dreams!

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When John* was a very small child, his parents got involved with drugs and were no longer able to raise him. After a few years in the foster care system and nine different family placements, John's aunt was given guardianship over him. Like many families, John’s family had to relocate out of San Francisco because of the high cost of living. Moving to the East Bay contributed to the hardship experienced by John as all of the familiarity of his hometown had been left behind. 

In a new city and without a network of support, John and his aunt struggled to navigate the social services available to them. Edgewood contacted John after finding him during a search of records for youth who were about to age out of the foster care system and would need help. Soon after, John began taking part in Edgewood Bayview’s Transitional Housing Placement Plus (THP+)—a program which provides former foster care youth ages 18-25 with case management and support services. For John, THP+ helped him navigate the college admission process, prepare for employment with resume writing and job interview skills, workshops as well as providing emergency financial assistance for housing and basic life skills training. 

“Edgewood definitely helped me get to a place where I could start to tackle some of the problems I was having every day.”

Today, John has been able to return to San Francisco and is a successful entrepreneur with his own music business. He is an inspiring example of the incredible capabilities of youth who could use just a little bit of extra support to achieve their full potential.

Contributors like you make John’s success possible. Together, we understand the importance a network of support can provide. 

Edgewood Kinship

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*Name changed to protect young adult's privacy.

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