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Placements With Kin Advantageous for Children in Child Welfare System

March 19, 2007

An article from the Center for Law and Social Policy documents numerous research studies supporting the value of placing children with relatives whenever safely possible. Titled “Is Kinship Care Good for Kids?” and authored by Tiffany Conway and Rutledge Q. Hutson, the article notes that 2.5 million children nationwide are being raised by grandparents and other relatives because their parents are not able to care for them.

According to the authors, research demonstrates that children in kinship care experience greater stability, report more positive perceptions of their placements, and have fewer behavioral problems. In addition, kinship care respects cultural traditions, may reduce racial disparities in a variety of outcomes, and provides stability to children and youth with incarcerated parents.

Recognizing the value of kinship care and the need for support of those kin – usually grandmothers – caring for the children of other family members, Edgewood invented the Kinship Support Services Program (KSSP) and along with Kinship Center pioneered the support for kinship care. In 2006, The California Alliance of Child and Family Services was successful in advocating for the doubling of KSSP funding in the state budget.

Excerpted from “Monday Morning,” the weekly newsletter from The California Alliance of Child and Family Services. Edgewood Center for Children and Families partners with The California Alliance of Child and Family Services to raise awareness of state issues impacting Bay Area children and families.

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