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Achievement Day 2015

July 20, 2015


"Thank you [Edgewood] for uncovering who I am."  
Quote from an Edgewood Community School youth during Achievement Day.

Above, Edgewood's Expressive Arts Program Manager, Melusina Gomez, addresses the Achievement Day crowd.

On Friday, July 17, Edgewood Center for Children and Families celebrated the last day of school, known on campus as Achievement Day. Achievement Day is more than just the last day of school, it’s a day when every single youth (whether in Edgewood's Residential program or non-public school) who attends Edgewood’s Community School receives a unique award. 

"Our Achievement Day ceremony is a chance to slow down and acknowledge how much personal growth our students have attained, and how hard they and all of their extended community have worked for it," says Melusina Gomez, manager of Edgewood's Expressive Arts Program. "The honesty with which students, families, and staff spoke about their experiences, giving encouragement and gratitude to each other, was not only deeply moving, it shows us the importance of these rituals in our lives.     

The awards are divided into categories, such as Academic Achievement, which focuses on the individual student’s success and includes categories like “leading mathematician” or “best researcher” or “leader in science.”  For other youth, the focus is on character strength and includes categories such as “potential for growth,” “artistic”, or “brightest personality.” 

The inspirational program was interspersed with student performances, which included dance and poetry this year. The audience of 100 was comprised of supportive staff, clients’ families, and special volunteers from Adobe who were on hand to help.  We are so proud of all of our students! Special recognition goes to our solo Edgewood high school graduate who spoke passionately and impressively of overcoming challenges and his hope for the future. 

"The ceremony was notable for a public reconciliation for a wounded relationship between siblings, where they expressed before a breathless, teary-eyed community that they would start anew and that they loved each other and regretted the past," explained Robert Urowsky, principal at Edgewood's Community School. "Somehow, on stage, in a moment created and supported by the community of families, students, and staff, a healing took place."

This year’s Achievement Day was full of success and transformation!

Check out the photo album from this year's Achievement Day.

Achievement Day Photo Album

Back to School!

We need your help to send Edgewood kids in San Francisco, Bayview, and San Mateo back to school with the new school supplies they need to succeed.

If you are interested in donating from the list below, please download this form and call 415.682.3200 to arrange a time to drop them off at our San Francisco campus location in the Sunset District.

Most needed items include:

Back packs

Water bottles

Lunch boxes


Pencils (NO PENCIL SHARPENERS, kids break them and use them to cut)


Color Crayons

Lined paper

Note books




Post its


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