Help Us Grow The Edgewood Garden

Many kids are not aware of where their food comes from or how to live a healthy green life. Thanks to the folks at Healthy Planet, we aim to change that with an exciting new program this Fall designed to help kids and teens connect with the oldest form of healing - gardening!


From August 4th through September 2nd, we are calling on your support to help us reach our $12,000 goal for the Edgewood Garden Learning Center. With your help, we will be able to incorporate the garden into our curriculum and as part of therapies that help the youth overcome trauma this year.

Whether it’s $1,000 or $10, we need your help to fund the tools and materials necessary for this year’s garden, provide curriculum, and make a sustainable impact on the lives of its students.

Your contribution will help expand the Edgewood Garden Learning Center and make a positive impact our children and youth! Join us in making a difference - together, we can grow the Edgewood Garden!

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Help @EdgewoodCenter inspire the next generation of conscious eaters!  #GiveToGrow #Edgewoodgrows

Pease help @EdgewoodCenter empower our youth and grow the Edgewood Garden!  #GiveToGrow #Edgewoodgrows