Edgewood Garden Learning Center

Healing Young Lives, Stewarding the Earth

The Edgewood Garden Learning Center is a focal point of healing and learning on our San Francisco campus. The Garden Learning Center was conceived as an outdoor classroom space that can offer alternative, experiential learning for our children and youth. By working with soil, planting seeds, and seeing them grow they gain life lessons about the origins of food, and these also link back to a curriculum that focuses on nutrition and health while connecting with science, literacy, and cultural studies.

The Garden is currently being used as part of the healing and support for young people in our Community School and Hospital Diversion Program. The school’s Expressive Arts Program uses the garden as children explore creativity and nature, and mindfulness walks through the garden allow the young people to touch and smell plants as positive sensory reinforcement of their recovery.

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Bettina Kohlbrenner
Chief Development Officer

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Major Gifts Director